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Group Creation Wizard Loop

  • Hi : congrats for your work.

    1 . The Group Creation Wizard creates a loop : first step – group details – completes and the next step button links you to a blank page with another next step button – then wordpress crash with “do you really want to do this /try again” message.The Group Details are saved though and can be modified from the admin panel.I tried to browse every forum related to group creation problems and tried everything , on fresh installs with the unaltered BuddyPress Default theme.and the bbpress URI thing does not seem to work either.I tried to remove all steps but the Group Detail step but I’m not that good.

    2 . Forum topic creation does not work within BuddyPress; fresh install, no worksey.

    I could definitely use a fix !

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  • I have seen other plugins intefere with the group creation screen. I cannot remember the name of any, unfortunately. If you can, try disabling all your plugins and see if you can create a group. If it works, re-enable your plugins one at a time and keep testing until you find the one that’s causing it to break.

    Yes, tried under the circumstances you describe : no plugin installed.fresh WP and BP install.BP default theme.On another note, This is the only bug I have on the complete WP install with about twenty plugins and components running so it has nothing to do with the plugins/themes.
    During the install process the forum installation process completes but the admin button never displays “installed” when the install popup opens it does say “installed”.

    Thank you for answering so far, I hope someone can give me a clue…

    yep I confirm I retried a fresh install of wordpress with a new db; I only install BP from within the admin – no specific options during the install -I choose the default BP theme and same problem happens.

    …and same with the svn version.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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