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Group Documents 0.3 – Beta

  • Peter Anselmo


    Hi All,

    I’ve made some updates to the Group Docs plugin, and I’d love to get some testing/feedback. The biggest change is moving the document storage out of the plugin folder, which took more effort than I had hoped. I’ve also updated the activity stream for 1.2, removing some bugs along the way. All in all, very little has changed to the end user.

    Also, if you care about your stuff, BACK UP YOUR DOCUMENTS BEFORE UPLOADING. The plugin will move docs from the old location to the new one, but if you do a one-click upgrade, your old docs could get deleted first.

    You can find the latest version here (the 0.3-beta link; not the big orange button):

    The only known issue (it’s kinda big): on buddypress 1.1.X installs, some types of files won’t display. They are instead redirected to a slightly more jumbled URL. If anyone knows a way around this, please let me know. It’s got me stumped (and is the main reason I’m creating this pre-release).

    There are many more things I’d like to include soon (sorting, icons, ajax, tagging), but I’ve been short on time lately. Stay tuned for those in the future.



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  • thecorkboard


    Hi Peter-

    I was just going to suggest icons for file types. I’m assuming this is what you mean?

    Let me know if there’s any specific testing I can do for you.



    Peter Anselmo



    Yes, icons for different file types is what I’m referring to. It’s been requested by a number of people.

    Just testing in general would be great. I’m running a vanilla install on my testing server, so It’d be nice to hear it works out in the wild.




    Here’s my setup that works just fine:

    WP 3.0a

    BP 1.2.1

    BP Documents: 0.3.0-beta

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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