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Group forum pagination issue with wishlist

  • ecodemy


    I have a problem concerning Wishlist Member and Buddpress.
    The custom post types forums, topics and replies are protected by wishlistmember and the respective WLM levels are applied to them. Regarding general forums (bbPress) the pagination and protection works very well as expected but not in Buddypress group forums.

    Unfortunately members can not access the second or any other than the first page of a group forum topic (Buddypress). If a member (who has no admin rights) clicks on [2] or [->] of the pagination, they always get the first page displayed although the permalink is correct and the URL states that they are apperantly on page 2.

    Group forum pagination

    As soon as I deactivate wishlistmember, the pagination in the group forums works as expected and all pages of a topic can be accessed.

    As group forum is a key feature in my closed community, I kindly request help to get this fixed.

    I tested it on a subdomain with Twenty sixteen and all plugins disabled except:
    WordPress 4.7.1
    bbPress 2.5.12
    BuddyPress 2.7.4
    WishList Member 2.91.3153

    I appriciate your afforts and any information I can pass to the WLM developers why this isn’t working as it should be.

    Thank you very much


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  • danbp


    I ignore if wishlist is BP compatible. And you describe an issue between bbPress and Wishlist, a premium plugin.
    And nothing at this stage indicate that BuddyPress is implicated. Have you tested your membership plugin without bbPress active ? Do you still have trouble when on a group ?

    Outside the fact we can’t help you for such not open source product, have you contacted them and the bbPress support ?



    Hi @danbp
    it’s a bit tricky to judge who is responsible without knowing the code at all. As the forum pagination is working with bbPress and only not in BuddyPress groups, I thought this here might be the right place to ask. Sorry for that.

    I have not contacted bbPress Support because I thought the group forum feature comes with Buddypress. Well, if I deactivate bbPress I don’t have any problems and I don’t have any group forums …

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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