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Group Forums cant be installed once i’ve deleted them through bb-config

  • vinaysagar4u


    I’m facing a huge problem!
    Whenever i tried to create a new forum it showed me an error
    “error when creating a new topic”
    It created for certain groups but couldnt create for others and newly formed groups.. I tried all
    1.Delete groupmeta
    2.Deactivate and reactivate forums and nothing seemed to work!!!
    I queried these lines in the db
    “SELECT *
    FROM wp_bp_groups_groupmeta
    WHERE meta_key = ‘forum_id’
    LIMIT 0 , 30?
    It returned
    “import.php: Missing parameter: import_type
    import.php: Missing parameter: format”

    Well i read about bb-config.php
    and i found that the details didnt match with wp-config!
    I changed but it still didnt work even after making them match and then deactivate and reactivate forums again!!!
    I now deleted bb-config and tried to re-install forums and i noticed a funny thing here,it shows that i donot have sufficient permissions to install!!!
    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”
    What’s going on with my BP???
    Any ideas anyone please???
    Am not sleeping since two weeks,just going mad at this!!!

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