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Group page says “Page Not Found”

  • buripi


    I just created my own social media website using metafans theme and buddypress plugins, along with the necessary plugins required. Everything seems to be working okay. I made a group for my community users, and clicked on it to see what appears on the page. But nothing but a blank page, saying “Page Not Found.” Is there anything I missed? I followed all the instructions for making groups, but I don’t know what to do next.
    To make things clear. There’s no problem in “making” the groups. The real issue is that nothing appears when I visit the group page I just created.
    Could you guys give me any help?

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  • mikel87


    I am having same problem.
    Blank page on group when I am logged in and I see the group page when I am logged out?

    Have you any solution found so far?

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