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Groups and bbpress forums

  • zageek


    I am trying to get the new forums to work, after running the one click install the forums are there but I am unable to create new topics or post anything there.

    From what I have figured by looking around on this site and on my installation is that the integrated BBpress forums in BP 1.1 works with groups so you can only post forums if you are a member of a group? Is my understanding of this correct?

    The thing is I want a site wide forum like this site has. So does that mean I have to create a group and add everyone to it?

    Is it possible to create a container group that contains all members, and also have this group appear to be hidden?

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  • danbpfr


    Forums are are now fully integrated and attached to groups that can be created and controlled by any registered user.

    By default, there is no need to be registered in a (public) group to post. You must only be on the group page to access to his forum.

    If you are admin, you can create a hidden group of course and invite all members you want.

    @ The thing is I want a site wide forum like this site has. I you want you have to create it. This iste use a custom page as far as i know.

    @ So does that mean I have to create a group and add everyone to it ?

    i think you’re going to do things twice if you don’t read this forum first before asking :)




    I tried reading through and searching the forum before posting this. Unfortunately there isn’t a detailed description of everything for BP like the WordPress Codex, its a bit frustrating. Reading through the code usually works but that takes a lot of time and coffee :) that link doesn’t really say much except describe what the forum plugin is all about.

    I have been playing around with the integrated forum and I don’t like the way you have to associate forums with groups and stuff. I want to have something like this forum on this site, like the standard forum structure you get.

    A forum with a root thread in which categories can be made and child threads can be started. Like what Vbulletin, Phpbb and SMF et al has.

    What I am trying to figure out is if its possible to do this with the integrated forums or should I go to the standalone Bbpress installation.



    I’ve been thinking about using the integrated forums with 1.1 and rebuild the groups to only mean forum categories. Strip the groups feature of everything that’s not forums. Also make it easier to read. The layout of a forum in groups is a bit simplistic. Perfect for groups but not for stand alone forums.



    Precisely. What I am needing is a standalone forum with a little bit of integration with groups. There should be better configuration options for the forums that allow you to choose how you want to use it. The one click set up is a bit too simplistic.

    Please use to continue this


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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