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Groups and Forums Issue

  • I have gone through and set up my forums for my site, but they are not showing up. I have used a few topics I have found from here but w/ no luck. Here is list of things I have already tried:
    1. Create Group > Public > create forum > add Topic to forum > There was an error when creating the topic
    2. Back > Admin > Uncheck Enable group discussion > save > Back > admin > Check Group discussion > Finish > There was an error when creating the topic
    3. Check BB Config file > Still seems to be there w/ correct permissions
    4. Re-installed forums for buddypress > Installed ok > still get same error.
    5. lastly, I remember someone recommended to check out the server settings and take a look at the buddypress files in CPanel > PHP My admin >
    When I did this, I rememmber doing a few things to modify the files as per the recommendation. This didn’t do anything though. as well.

    So now I am turning to you, please help. As, It seems creating groups works out fine, but the forums are not. I am quite willing to lend someone my screen n password as well. :)

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