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Groups keep logging me out

  • lordmatt


    My set up is multisite with subdomains and buddypress on the root site. I am the admin.

    It has been noted before by users but I had always got past it by hitting refresh and removing the groups from any sort of caching at all. I’ve noticed that using switch users is fine everywhere but in groups where you have to fight to stay logged in and on the right user.

    Recently, however, it has gotten worse. I cannot administrate any groups as I am instantly logged out on EVERY new groups page I view. I navigate to site, login and browse around – all good. Go to groups – logged out. Hit login and get redirected back to groups. All good. Change page (logged out again). Rinse and repeat.

    I purged the site cache, my browser cache even cookies. I logged into the DB and optimised the tables. I have tried everything I can think of and yet I cannot stay logged in when viewing groups.

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  • Prashant Singh



    This seems to be a plugin conflict or any custom code issue. Try disabling plugins and test then and also try switching to default theme and see if it is happening there also or not.


    Steven F. Phelps


    Try to disconnect a plug-in and to include anew. If the situation doesn’t exchange, remove a plug-in and establish anew. Has to help.



    Update. I recently moved hosts. My new host specialises in WordPress support and has their own cache plugin. Getting rid of the (very popular) plugin I was using also got rid of the problem. It seems that the former cache plugin was being just a bit too aggressive with caching.

    Just thought I would pop back and say thanks for the support and that the problem is now fixed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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