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[Fixed] Groups Messages Disappear After Update

  • grimbot


    Wordpress Version:
    Version 4.9.1

    Buddy Press Version:
    Version 2.9.2

    Link to site.. Group test:

    I’m using:
    child theme of Twenty Fourteen.

    Had my site working nice, I let it alone for several months and when I returned I saw there were lots of updates available. I updated everything and now my groups aren’t accepting new messages.
    Older groups with material still seem to show previously added material but I need to press the “Load More” button for it to show.
    Media is uploading, but text accompanying the image media is lost.

    Text posts show when new posts are made, but refresh the page and it is gone.

    I’m not sure what to do.. Do you have any ideas? Do you need to see any specific code to check possible problems?

    Feel free to log in..
    User name and Password are:

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  • Boone Gorges


    I’ve logged in and reproduced the error.

    One of two things is happening here.

    1. The item is being posted, but cannot be loaded for some reason. Check Dashboard > Activity to see if the item is listed there; if so, then it falls into this category.

    2. The item is not being posted.

    When I click ‘Read More’, I’m seeing something like this in the console: This suggests to me that there’s some custom code on your server – maybe the theme, I’m unsure – that’s interfering with the AJAX call. Does this code look like something you wrote? If you switch back to Twenty Fourteen (instead of your child theme) does the problem persist?



    It is showing up in the activity area..

    I looked over the child theme and noticed that the header.php has been renamed to 2header.php

    It had a custom code in it that hid the members directory.. the code looks the same, but when renamed to header.php, it messes with the layout. Maybe when it updated it detected something strange and renamed the file? I’d hate to claim hacker. Very strange.. Hmm.. Custom code.. custom code. It’s been months since I’ve tinkered on this, and everything worked when I stopped messing with it. I even made a backup and am tempted to restore the backup but if I go that route I’ll never want to update again.. Strange how the image you sent has a link to a question on stack overflow. I visit there from time to time but pretty sure I wouldn’t have included a link in their code.

    I’m stumped… I’ll need to hire more experienced help. Are you available for hire to fix this? If so how much would it cost?



    “some custom code on your server…. that’s interfering with the AJAX call”…

    Perhaps something with the .httaccess files? I do remember a time when I wanted to make sure things were secure so I messed with those a bit.

    Boone Gorges


    @grimbot – When you swapped out the header.php file for the original, did it fix the AJAX problem you’ve described here? It’s likely that it’s unrelated, but worth checking.

    > Perhaps something with the .httaccess files?

    Unlikely – mods to the .htaccess file might prevent the call from going through in the first place. This AJAX call is successfully hitting the server, but it’s returning something incorrect.

    Given that the item is showing up in the database/Dashboard, it’s highly likely that your theme is the culprit. As a test, try switching to the Twenty Fourteen theme to see if that makes the problem go away.

    If you have the ability to search your codebase, either via SSH or as a local copy, you should search it to find the string from the screenshot. That’s how I’d start debugging.

    $ grep -nR "why\-does\-width" wp-content/themes/staticcolonies_ct



    The header.pho file had been renamed. It also had the code in it that hid the member directory. The problem was there while it was renamrd. I changed the (now) 2header.pho back to header.pho ( in the child theme) and it threw everything out of style. What kind of bothers me though is I don’t remember renaming the header.pho to 2header.pho and when I left it alone in January 2017 I remember thinking “good.. Every thing looks find, men er directory hidden, weird style glitches taken care of, removed incompatible plugins that were mrssing stuff up.. Now… If I never update Ill be fine”.. Haha.. Well.. 10 months later ” oh man.. 30 updates? I better keep my stuff updated” now it’s glitched.. So it being renamed spooks me a little. I’ll look through the files in the child theme for that string. I’ll let you know if I can get it fixed and what fixed it. If you have any ideas let me know.. Thanks



    ok.. it works again.. Not sure which step fixed it but here is what I did..

    In the database area I clicked the Optimize, repair, and reset permission buttons.

    In wordpress I cleared off some of the warning notifications I was getting about “Activity Stream” and “User Links” pages not having pages set for them..

    I had those removed on purpose btw.

    The code to hide the members directory doesn’t work anymore but someone said something about maybe being able to redirect traffic to that page to a password protected or otherwise restricted page.

    So.. That should do it if you have the problem I did.. clear the page missing error for user links and activity and run the one click fixes on the database to reset permissions and such.

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