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Groups redirecting to homepage

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  • @mercime


    Even when i am logged in as admin or a member.

    You’re right, that’s not a good thing. At this time, cannot do a simple check to see what’s wrong with your install as registration is required. Do provide us with a throw-away regular member login username and password which you can later delete after issue is resolved.

    Alex 74


    @mercime This is the user name and password you can login to the site to gain access.

    User name: xxx

    Password: xxx

    Thanks, Alex



    @alex-74 Confirming the unusual redirection to home page. Please delete dummy user account in your installation.

    What have you tried so far to troubleshoot this issue? Changing to BP Default theme to check if issue is corrected? Deactivating other BuddyPress plugins to check for plugin conflicts? If you want to deactivate plugins by batches, I would deactivate the chat plugin and those plugins which have not been updated for BP 1.6-1.7, then check if you could go to a group’s single page. If it’s still not working, deactivate another batch of plugins.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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