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GroupWiki – Demo Site (Please provide feedback.Release imminent!)

  • D Cartwright


    Hi everyone.

    I’ve just got the demo site for our GroupWiki plugin up and running. Please can you head on over and test it a bit :) One we’ve got some feedback from this and implemented some fixes/refactoring, we aim to release the plugin code as soon as possible.

    GroupWiki Site:

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  • Finally signed up. Just a few very minor things…

    1. The jump down links should jump down to the headers… not the content below the headers (confusing).

    2. The pages switching from a side list to a horizontal list is very confusing. I kept thinking that those page names (Edit: Admin) were action links. I think I’d just kill the document list completely once in a doc. You can always hit the back button.

    3. The excepts on the summary page are far too long. I would enforced it to being a sentence or two.

    D Cartwright


    Thanks again both of you :)


    1. Ah yes. I think we opted for that as we though it made the content more obvious, but it’s a fair point.

    2. Yeah. I’m not a fan of the overhead layout page links layout either. It will be changed soon, though possibly not in time for the first release.

    3. I think it was already mentioned on namoo that these should be shorter so it looks like people agree with you there ;) I’m sure we can limit them to something more suitable.

Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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