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Guidance with Streaming Data from Facebook etc..

  • realista69


    Hello guys,

    What I need is to find a plug in that will auto generate accounts that allow for some of the data on Facebook to be redirected to the site I am building. I understand code changes and things break in time but I want to find the absolute best plug in that will allow this functionality in the most stable manner.

    Over the past few days I have been looking into using a plug in called “Buddy Stream.” Well it seems at the moment support for the plug in is non existant. So after some searching I found “bebop” which is designed similar but was not intended specifically for the task I am seeking to complete.

    I’d like to get something that will automatically create accounts with the option of tying in a few of the users Facebook pictures, Shout box, events, about etc etc. If you folks have any advice on any plug ins that can credibly assist me please direct me to it. I know there tons of people creating projects but I require a plug in that will stand the test of time and will be most reliable.

    Please share and advise.

    Thank you kindly,


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  • modemlooper


    Those two plugins are the only known facebook integration plugins. Facebook does not allow you to pull content from it’s site. You can only post to Facebook



    Thanks you kindly for the response.

    Given this news I am left to wonder how best if at all to go about delivering some of the content from Facebook to my site. I would consider Ultimate Facebook’s plugin but I’m not enitely sure if it would allow for users to stream some pieces of their accounts over. I’d like to keep it simple for the user.

    If any ideas come to mind I wouldn’t mind being enlightened, please.

    Thank you again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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