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Having multiple group slugs

  • David Bisset


    So instead of “groups” I want to be able to use several slugs that act like aliases.

    Example: I have a group called “Dimension Media”. It’s a business. Businesses are groups on the site, but discussion group and interest groups are too. So not one single slug on the site will work, or at least not as wanting.

    I want:

    All these are groups, I just want the flexibility of a different slug to pull them up and navigate within the groups (for now how to ID the groups isn’t important… it could be a value in the groups’ metadata).

    EVEN BETTER, the group slug is based on the group type:

    Group Types


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  • vapvarun


    +1, group type could be possible approach like group-type-slug/single-group-slug as optional feature

    Hi @dimensionmedia

    brought your topic to our attention during today’s dev-chat. I believe both needs can be satisfied if we migrate our custom URI to WP’s Rewrite API.

    If you look at this comment/patch I had a proof of concept working (the patch probably needs a huge refresh). Our main concern is the potential damage that BuddyPress Plugins/Themes could face.

    One possible way to finally progress about it is to use the patch to build a plugin so that it’s easy to deactivate if there’s an issue, and it’s also faster to iterate from the plugin to solve one by one the compatibility issues as they arrive.

    I’ll look into it once 8.0.0 is released 👋

    David Bisset


    I would love to be kept up to date on this (and even time permitting help). I’ll look at your comment/path as well. This would be something one would have to opt-in into – I can see this breaking plugins.

    This request isn’t just for a single project – i’ve hit this same scenario more than once. Worthy of pursuit and allows BuddyPress developers to truly branch out even further what groups can do.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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