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header.php rev 877

  • danbpfr


    A little anoying: where is line #55 with the forum link/button ?

    In older revs, this line was commented ! From now, i have to copy/paste the stuff or what ? ;-)

    In the same rev 877 series, bbpress settings don’t no more show up automatically in the admin panel of wpmu. I have had to re-enter all my settings to have my forums to work correctly.

    I don’t use Super Cache, may this be a cause of these malfunctions ?

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  • The forum line was removed because it was not implemented, it may reappear if theme support for a global forum is added.

    You can easily add this back into a plugin:

    function add_forum_link() {
    echo '<a href="' . site_url('forums') . '">Forums</a>';
    add_action( 'bp_nav_items', 'add_forum_link' );

    I’ll investigate the settings not showing, the changes made should not affect that.

    Let me add that you need the list item code as well, so something like this:


    function add_forum_link() {
    echo '<li><a href="' . site_url('forum') . '">Forums</a></li>';
    add_action( 'bp_nav_items', 'add_forum_link' );



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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