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Healthcare Related Site on BuddyPress

  • techguy


    I’m considering doing a healthcare related site on BuddyPress. While we could dive into the details of HIPAA, I don’t want to do that here. The project I’m doing won’t technically fall under the HIPAA security requirements, but the expectations of the users is that it will be secured.

    The obvious requirement is to enable https:// for the entire BuddyPress site. I don’t imagine this will be an issue since I’ve done it for individual e-commerce pages, but I’d be interested in hearing if people know of other issues with doing this. Of course I understand that there’s some processing/bandwidth expense associated with doing everything https://…Welcome to Healthcare!

    I’m interested to know if there would be other possible privacy issues with having health related info on a BuddyPress install. Are there things I should look at securing better than they are now?

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