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Hello Eco Living

  • Roger Coathup


    Hello Eco Living is a BuddyPress powered online magazine and social network dedicated to a happier practical eco lifestyle.

    We’re feeling quite proud as the site made it into’s list: “10 of the Latest and Greatest Inspirational BuddyPress sites”.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    Hey Rogercoathup,

    Can I ask who did your template, we’re looking to hire someone and don’t want to go to some freelancer whose work we’ve never seen.

    if you could email me at info @ it’s be grand!

    Thanks a million.

    – J

    Joseph Acevedo


    hi, how do i add your site in my favorites? sorry, beginner here… thanks.

    Great looking website! I am looking for ideas of how to layout a BuddyPress website I am building and have gotten a few ideas from your website. Thanks.

    Roger Coathup


    @jamigre – we built the theme at

    @perrij3 – thanks for the feedback – good luck with your site

    As for favouriting – I think you’ll have to use your browser bookmarks; I don’t think you can like / favourite posts on



    Nice looking site. Has a fresh feel to it. I like it.

    A few simple comments. On the main page the “Lost your pasword” and “register” links are so close together they look like one. Seems like you’d want to drive registration, but as is I don’t think they’ll see that link at all.

    The social network page is nice, but it doesn’t have a very good call to action as far as joining the social network or giving me the option to start doing the things that it lists. There’s one link at the top to join which I pretty much missed at first glance and only realized later that it was there. Although, if I didn’t know web design and BP I might not have ever found it. Then, there’s the link on that page to start a blog. I’d suggest adding some nice big buttons on that page which invite people to join and know clearly where to click to join.

    I hope this is helpful.



    Oh yes, why’s the Facebook login button missing from the home page? It looks like you’re not showing the top login/facebook thing on the home page on purpose. I’d leave it up there. Nothing wrong with having 2 places people can log into the site on the home page.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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