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Help! Buddymatic redirects everything to home page

  • Ralph Bartlett



    I’m new to WP and BP and am finding my way around slowly. I have successfully implemented WP3.0 with Thematic and have been able to set up a child theme and make a few modifications.

    My problems start when I introduce BP into the mix…

    I’m starting with a clean WP3.0 installation, installing BP, changing the permalinks, and then installing the default BP theme. Everything works. Then I install and activate Buddymatic and I find that several of the pages that worked under the default theme simply don’t work in Buddymatic.

    For example, when I select members under the default theme the url is and this works. If I activate Buddymatic it trys to find but then simply redirects to the home page –

    This happens to every page I try to select except those I’ve created myself in the dashboard. I’m sure this must be a simple setting I’m missing somewhere, but after searching for hours I’m still stuck.

    Can anyone help?

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