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HELP: BuddyPress Multisite Install cannot create sites!?

  • jezthomp


    I’m having to use an older version of WordPress & BuddyPress (dont ask) Anyway we’re using WordPress 4 and BuddyPress 2.5.5

    Local install, default Twenty Twelve theme only plugin activated is BuddyPress

    Allow new registrations is selected as Logged in users may register new sites. as we want logged in users to be able to create sites at

    The register and activate pages are there and selected.

    However, whenever i go to My Sites > Create a New Site link or essentially, or it redirects to the home page, without fail.

    If i log out and go to those pages it loads the /create page but i get…

    Create an Account
    User registration is currently not allowed.

    I do on these pages get the following error with debugging turned on.

    Notice: Undefined index: handle in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ on line 311

    Also an error for line 329 in the same buddypress-functions.php

    Can anyone please help, i must have read all registration site creation threads on this forum and tried everything but no luck 🙁

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