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Help!! Fatal error: Class ‘BP_Group_Extension’ not found in plugin buddypress-group-css

  • Steve Ford


    Hi All,

    I was on my Admin dashboard for my wordpress 3.0.5 + buddypress page and when I tried to ‘disable’ the groups option in the Admin section, I sent my entire site offline with the following message:

    Fatal error: Class ‘BP_Group_Extension’ not found in /home/privatee/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-group-css/bp-group-css.php on line 81

    Through FTP, I tried to re-upload the buddypress-group-css plugin over top the one in question, but no such luck.

    For now my site is under maintenance.

    Any suggestions?



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  • aces


    If you rename the plugin folder buddypress-group-css or delete it then then wordpress will deactivate it so you should be able to get back into the admin dashboard…

    Steve Ford


    will try this…………….thanks for responding!!!!!!!

    Steve Ford


    I deleted it and am in the control panel………………will try to re-install plugin…crossing my fingers….

    Steve Ford


    OK…..I have my website back. At least now I can try to figure out how to restore groups on the page :)

    Toggling them back on in the component settings (where you turned them off) should restore everything without any data loss.

    It’s probably a good idea if you contact the author of this plugin to tell them their plugin shouldn’t be crashing the site if someone disables groups :)



    Got the same one in here.
    Fresh install (BP 1.5-beta-2 + WP3.2.1); while trying to enable my own plugin (Your Classified Ads).
    Groups component IS enabled.
    Maybe it does this because no groups have been created yet ?

    + how can I check that the groups component is enabled ? Is there a function for this ? Thanks !

    Boone Gorges


    @gordielachance How are you loading the group extension? Are you using register_group_extension()? Where are you calling it? It’s probably just happening too early in the loading process.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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