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Help integrating Paid Member Subscriptions plugin with BuddyPress

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    Hi,–I was wondering if anyone could help me to integrate Paid Member Subscriptions (a paid membership plugin) with BuddyPress so that I keep the BuddyPress friendly profile/user face, but allow the addition of an Account area where members can pay their annual dues or give a donation. My group, Guild of American Papercutters, does not have different membership levels, but we do keep records on addresses (national & international), and we do accept payment by web for one’s dues (yearly). We also want to set up an online shop eventually, but for now I just want to know: can I add to BuddyPress so that a user can easily link to their account and pay/keep track of their dues?
    We are planning to use Stripe and Paypal.
    The site we are building is at
    Thank you for any help!

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