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HELP invite friends and events plugin for bp 1.2

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    1. any plugin that allows users to invite friends to the site using their windows live id, yahoo, gmail etc..current one does not work with bp 1.2 will it be upgraded?? or does anyone know how to make it work with bp 1.2..

    2. events plugin, to create events, upload photos as the event avatar..current bp-events doesnt seem to work, any ideas or new plugins for this??


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  • jamesyeah


    I think this is something that is really badly needed, it’s so important to help with the growth of any site.

    The previous plugin doesnt seem to have been updated in some time and doesnt work with newer versions.


    very veery important

    bp-events will work with 1.2 with some template modifications. I’ve been hacking it to work with the 1.2 default theme. I’m about 30% done. I’m starting to lose hope that it will be kept up to date however. The last commit was back in November… and the Trac site is down again. Of course… it’s the holidays right now… so if could just be that. But it seems to me like Erwin is either busy with other things (that probably pay better… LOL) or simply losing interest. Either way, it would be good to know so that perhaps someone else could take over the code. Events is a desperately needed feature of any community site.

    I’ve been driven almost crazy by hearing about “canonical plugins” by the WordPress core team (if you don’t know, see this).

    I think a BuddyPress events plugin would be a good project for developers to collaboratively work on in this way. Whether built on Erwin’s code or started new. I can’t help but think that however is redesigned in future to encourage more team-driven plugin development is just going to be BuddyPress with a custom theme! But I digress.

    I might be shouting into a funnel again but again if there is another developer or two out there, perhaps we could look into this?



    I use this Event Registration plugin in the first version of my site. The layout is awful, but it does do a lot of straightforward database communication I would never be able to php-program myself. I’ve started cleaning up the html/css and adding jquery here and there for form validation and date picker etc.

    Just FYI. Not sure if it would be suitable for your needs and if any of you would be able to add more Buddypress integrations to this plugin.

    As I said in another thread I’m weary of integrating events functionality into Buddypress, because I don’t want to get stuck with one event script that misses certain features. I’d rather have a solid core and API to integrate outside event management scripts.


    events is important but i think that invite friends could be more important with the growth of a social site..get more users to your else will users tell friends to join a site and spread the word about your site..doesnt make sense that this isnt already part of most users will want their friends on the site to be their real friends the real people they know or lost touch with..makes it more enjoyable for them to have their friends join them..

    dont give up David! we need this :)

    maybe David and DJ Paul could work together on this??



    @dre Well… I’m not really much of a programmer. I’m more of a designer / frontend coder. But if I can get the templates for bp-events working with 1.2… I’ll share.

    About events: I really am loosing faith in that plugin. I was following and using the development since the beginning – with all it’s ups and downs. The early feature “promises” sounded great and exactly what I was needing, but as time passed by, it seemed, that not even the basic things could stay functional and up-to-date…

    I emailed and asked Erwin about that – sadly no response. So I think I can write it here: I believe we really need someone or a team to develop that plugin further or maybe start anew!

    The features with recurring events, reminder for members, google-maps, calender-views and widgets sounded just GREAT…

    So anyone out there???!!!

    I’ve been trying to hack bp-events to work with the new default theme. Not having much luck I’m afraid. I hope Erwin resurfaces at some point.



    Comment deleted. I had already mentioned this plugin… Oops.

    I’m aware of that plugin. But bp-events is the only events plugin that integrates with BuddyPress. With bp-events you can invite friends, associate events with groups, etc. Very different animal.

    Anyway… I haven’t quite given up… but I’m close to it. The new default theme is structured very differently from the old. I understand how it’s organized… such that the main template folder for your component just houses the directory and single views… while the templates for member’s stuff (i.e. your groups, your events, your blogs, etc.) are in “/member/single/…” … and there is only one loop which is loaded below the tabbed navigation via AJAX. I get all that. But trying to re-factor the old bp-events templates to work that way is causing me great pain. LOL. By the time I figure it out… Erwin may have resurfaced and released an update.

    All I know is… my site cannot launch without this component. So at the moment anyway… I’m stuck with trying to hack the old bp-events or launching a 1.1 site with the old bp-events. Ergh :(

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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