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Help me pick a set of plugins to achieve a particular goal

  • Hunchback


    Hello everyone,

    Recently i had this Great Idea ™ of a site that i would like to build and make publicly available. I don’t want to disclose the core idea before it’s online, but it should be free to use for normal people with perhaps some payed features for pro users, to pay for hosting and all that.

    I will however try to explain what my needs are, and if anyone could help me pick the right tools to do it, i’d be very happy. Once i am done, i will share with you the whole thing.
    I’ve spent some time looking at options, such as Elgg, WordPress and now BuddyPress. To be honest, i am quite impressed with BuddyPress, as it almost covers all my needs, right out of the box. However, the main functionality that i need is not. Details to follow.

    So, the idea is to build a community-based site that would allow it’s users to:

    The very basic need: Have their own profile, in which they will be able to create collections of “things”, categorize those things as they see fit, and share their profiles with everyone else.

    Ideally: i want to have Contributors, who will create public collections of things in categories, then regular users will be able pick items from those lists and add them to their profiles, with the option to keep the original (or “official”) information (category, description, etc) OR modify those by changing the category, adding additional info etc. Ideally, the picked items will link to the original, for statistics, tags etc.

    I suppose all that doesn’t come pre-built in a certain plugin, so even the basic functionality will do for now, i will try to build on that later on.

    I tried installing the CataBlog plugin, but i can’t integrate it into the BuddyPress custom user-fields. I am not sure if it’s doable with that plugin or another.

    Anyone got any ideas of plugins to use?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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