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Help us… Help you…

  • John James Jacoby


    Let me introduce to you The Electric Mayhem ;):

    On lead vocals, Andy Peatling: (aka “Dr. Teeth”)

    Andy is the founding developer of BuddyPress, and has since taken a break from the limelight to help make the WordPress world a better place.

    On the bass guitar is Jeff Sayre: (aka “Sgt. Floyd Pepper”)

    That’s right, Jeff’s the one with the camouflage pants on. His specialty is helping you find your way when you’re lost in error messages, white screens, and answering the tough questions. He’s dedicated his time towards making a few nice plugins for BuddyPress, and is a friend of the aliens.

    DJPaul isn’t a muppet, he’s a sophisticated machine sent from the future to help you (aka “The Moderator”)

    DJPaul fills the gaps in support and development by bringing us additional jQuery, CSS, and XHTML specialties, along with a really good understanding of the BuddyPress project as a whole. He’s made a few popular plugins and has a few really awesome ones currently in development.

    On the piano, r-a-y has been added to our mix: (aka “Rowlf the Dog”)

    r-a-y has dedicated countless hours into understanding BuddyPress in and out, and openly shares his knowledge with everyone here. Through his hard work and dedication he’s earned the respect of the community, and actively contributes to finding and patching bugs for each new version.

    Sax-master Boone B. Gorges, THE MAN: (aka “Zoot”)

    Boone is a prolific plugin author and pizza connoisseur. He’s been a committing member of the team since October 2010, and he, more than anyone, wants BuddyPress 1.5 to be done.

    hnla, Moderator

    mercime, Moderator

    That leaves me, on the trumpet, John James Jacoby: (aka “Lips”)

    I’m currently the lead developer of BuddyPress. My goal is to take on the tough jobs that will grow the platform as a whole, while somehow managing to fit meals and naps in too. I like to think I’m pretty good at helping with custom BuddyPress themes, complex integration, and all kinds of general odds and ends that aren’t your typical installation. I’d rather play turntables than a trumpet.

    We’re your local area dev and moderator team. We’re all you’ve got, and we’re not so bad after we’ve had our coffee.

    All of this is leading up to the reason why you’re hopefully reading this topic, and that’s to figure out how to get the most out of the development forums (or just for coffee-talk.) I’m going to high-light a few essential topics here, to get you started with asking questions.

    1.) Starting a topic.

    2.) Asking for support.

    3.) FAQ+

    4.) Codex+

    5.) bbPress Integration

    6.) Pat Andy on the Back

    By keeping your eyes on the important topics and letting us know what you’re running on, it better helps us to figure out what might be bugging you, and fix it asap….

    We all appreciate your enthusiasm and support, and we really enjoy the opportunity to help out in any way that we can!

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Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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