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Help with login and signup

  • hardy4775


    Hi, I am currently designing a website and would like help with two things relating to buddypress…

    The site is

    1. Once a member enters their info through the sign up page, the submit button is clicked and the page simply refreshes and there is no evidence of the member actually signing up.

    2. Is there a way to create your own log in page rather than it taking you to the wordpress login page?

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • ARHistoryHub


    I’ll try to help a little….
    1. Buddypress by default sends an email to user for activation. Your theme may not be pulling the “ and all the code thereafter. Check to see if switching to buddypress default fixes that.

    2. Yes you can create your own login page. The easiest was is using a plugin like Theme My Login, though you could always do your own custom stuff.



    Thanks for the reply! By switching to Buddypress default, do you mean uninstalling and re-installing the plugin?

    I shall download theme my login and experiment, sounds promising though!

    Thanks again.



    == By switching to Buddypress default, do you mean uninstalling and re-installing the plugin? ==

    @hardy4775 he means go to Appearance > Themes > Activate – BuddyPress Default

    Hello hardy4775, hello everyone:

    Same situation, thank you, it worked on default theme but…

    I switched back to the theme I want. Now after I signed up at least it gave the message that a verification e-mail was sent…but it wasn’t

    The new registered user does show up in list of users, yet after login it just goes to the main page, as if nothing had happened.

    What and where is the php magic that tells buddypress “send the e-mail” and register this new member?

    …and if it is not too much to ask, how is that php magic? my site is

    Thank you in advance



    What php magic are you looking for exactly? Have you tried contacting Arras theme author re BP compatibility? I recall there were some js conflicts with Arras theme sometime back. Don’t know if this is still the case @gunju2221.



    This is an email issue, nothing to do with Arras. Zy has fixed conflicts with buddypress and Arras in 1.5, however Arras is not a per say easy “compatible” theme to makeover with buddypress by itself. Unless your ambiguous like me, and do it anyway :)

    The situation might have worked on the bp default theme for a number of reasons. The confirmation email delay of sending depends on the number of traffic on your site at the moment, sometimes with high traffic loads the email can take up to 45 minutes to arrive. ( yes, 45 minutes).

    Also, the bp-default theme by itself doesn’t have much to load at all, like images, javascript, and other. Arras theme has lots of images to load, (like featured slideshow), and much of the widgets have images, and other things that can cram up the server, and cause a big delay on the email sending as well.



    @gunju2221 good to know that Arras is now more BP-friendly :-) Thanks.

    I have installed `BP Xtra Signup`. but it doesn’t show sign up link or page or button. I have tried to put comment on official site for the plugin after registering, activated by the activation link received on mail. even even then I can’t login to the site. I changed password two times by FORGOT PASSWORD option. even I am unable to login. So putting comment here… plz help me.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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