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Help with Step 3? BuddyPress Template Pack.

  • What do I do? Its all jibberish to me! It says I need to do something with the HTML files, what do I need to do with them? It says I need to edit the HTML structure for the buddypress files or something like that. Please help!

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  • You need to compare the theme you want to use and one of it’s files i.e page.php or index.php to one of the newly created BP ones like /member/index.php the BP files need to mirror the html markup and class/ID’s structure that your chosen theme files have e.g if your theme file has an element named ‘content-main’ and the BP file has ‘content’ then the BP one needs to change to match.

    I’m afraid that if it’s still ‘all gibberish’ then things will be difficult, adjusting a theme to work with BP does require a degree of coding knowledge albeit at a basic level you must be comfortable modifying files and working with HTML markup.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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