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HHVM + BuddyPress ?

  • Asynaptic


    Is there any info on compatibility between HHVM and BuddyPress? The recent release of wordpress 3.9 solved some issues and as a result wordpress core works well with HHVM. But the general consensus out there is that while core runs well (correction, not just well but more like a bat outta hell) plugins are another thing.

    So BuddyPress being a plugin, I thought I’d ask to see if anyone has tested HHVM with BuddyPress.


    for those interested to gain a bit of background info on HHVM and wordpress, check out this recent article:

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  • @mercime




    @mercime thank you but that is a configuration of VVV with HHVM. Unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t answer my original question.

    AFAIK, no-one on the BuddyPress core team has tested BuddyPress extensively on HHVM. Also, we do not check our unit tests on HHVM.

    Informally, I think our position is along the lines of “once HHVM is officially supported in WordPress core, we’ll officially support it in BuddyPress core.” Note that there’s a difference between “works well” and “officially supported”.

    However, if people like yourself want to run BuddyPress on HHVM and report any issues to us (or help us debug and fix them), we’d love that.



    Hi Paul, thanks for the message. The “official” stance is that HHVM will be officially supported in the upcoming wordpress 4.0 – although as you say, as of 3.9 it runs without a hitch.

    I think it is obvious that HHVM is an important variable in wordpress and will become even more important in the future.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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