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Hidden Groups and Forums not showing for members of them

  • caniwigirl


    I am running the current versions of everything as of today’s date… BuddyPress 2.2.3, bbPress 2.5.7 on WordPress 4.1.1

    The problem I am having is that, for the most part, I only want either Public or Hidden groups with their associated forums.

    The directory listing only displays the public groups and the forums only display the public forums.

    As a Site Admin and Keymaster, I can’t even see the hidden groups (although the count increases to show the additional number of hidden groups). In fact, none of the hidden groups show under the ‘My Groups’ tab for me or any user who is a member of a particular hidden group (although the count indicates that they area member of this non-visible group that they can’t get access to). I can see the forums, however.

    Essentially, the Hidden function appears to not be working for groups and forums as neither admins nor members of them can gain access without being provided with the URL.

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  • fullmoonfriday


    – The group list private/hidden can now be seen in the edit mode of the topic. Although the group stops access to actually posting the topic onto the group the users doesn’t have access to. So as far as I can tell, although direct url access I haven’t tested, the user cannot read the private forums, topics from a group.

    things that eed to be resolved
    – removing the groups list forums from the edit mode as showing all the private and hidden group on the site isn’t ideal.
    – the user can now see and view any private forums that are in non-group forums.
    – possible direct url access to the group forums.

    Mike Gillihan


    Old thread, but here’s a possible fix that worked for me.

    The hidden groups in the Groups list have the class “hidden” applied which is a fairly common CSS pattern for hiding content. I added a CSS override as a workaround.

    #groups-list .hidden {
        display: list-item !important;
        visibility: visible;

    Really, in this case, I think BP should use a more specific class name. Something like “hidden-group” would resolve the issue.

    Apparently ticketed:

    We’ll consider a possible solution or ‘hack’ 🙁 to avoid the issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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