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Hiding the Reset Password fields in Profile > Settings

  • mrjarbenne


    I know this seems like an unintuitive hack (why would you want to do this?), but I’m currently using an Active Directory Sync Plugin to facilitate my users logging in. The plugin works fine in WordPress: disabling the password reset from within the Dashboard Profile and from the Forgot Password link on the login page. For security reasons, my workplace wants to keep password reset functionality confined to their internal system, ie: they don’t want WordPress to talk back to the LDAP to enable password resets, just to authenticate users.

    BUT: The plugin doesn’t take Buddypress into account (and the developer has fallen off the edge of the world) so users can still “sorta” change their password from their buddypress profile (I won’t get into what’s happening when they do).

    All of that to ask: Is there a way I can get rid of those two Change Password fields on the Frontend Buddypress Profile page. I’m hoping for a little CSS magic for my child theme, or a function that I can throw in functions.php or bp-custom.php, but I’m completely stumped.

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