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HIRING: Project Blue Hope Social Nexus for Ocean Stewardship

  • BuddyPress Design Brief

    I’m looking for a BP-savvy coder with experience designing and developing community-oriented websites.

    Project Overview:

    I’m looking for a BP-savvy coder with experience designing and developing community-oriented websites for real world meetups and change. Think a mash-up of facebook, linkedin and features
    all centered around promoting positive real-world change for the oceans and marine environments.

    Project Blue Hope Concept:

    Presently, Project Blue Hope (PBH) is strictly an informational, listen & learn type resource about marine conservation and ways to preserve With the help of a web developer and handful of colleagues, my vision is to transform the site into a social nexus and collaborative hub for all those called to support our oceans – scientists, artists, divers, policy makers, etc. No such network for promoting cross-discipline and cross-cultural exchanges on ocean conservation currently exists in the marine realm and particularly scientists have no unified venue to promote their work and findings to the world. our oceans.

    The site will work to foster connections among citizen scientists, as well as promote real world positive actions (acts of ocean service). PBH will work to inspire and empower individuals, fostering the understanding that change starts with each of us and can be exponentially magnified through a connected, active network of impassioned individuals.

    As I feel passionately that my life’s purpose is to facilitate a blue revolution, changing and shaping the very ways in which we, as a species, interact & respect our ocean, I hope the PBH network will serve as a model of how one person’s vision, supported by a larger network, truly can make a difference.

    PBH hopes also to help re-establish people’s connections with and respect for the sea in fun ways that engage people’s love of games and connecting with others in groups.

    An integral part of PBH will be a monetization system that will support the venture’s and operator’s expenses in order to allow the project to continue expanding. Also, the monetization will allow 10-15% of the site’s proceeds to fund marine conservation, science and/ or organizations.

    Core Purpose:

    Fostering global and cross-discipline connections online and locally to drive real-world/ positive ocean changes in fun and engaging ways.

    Igniting a blue revolution by empowering citizen scientists to work collectively towards ocean stewardship.

    Site Features:

    Change from PBH current theme to Woothemes “Sealight” – see (all CE features must be integrated into this theme, I have the files)

    Top navigation to be: The Movement | Learn | Connect | Act | Support with sub-drop down menus (this functionality is already built into the theme). I have specifics on what I’d like to see in each of these sections, how the sections will connect to each other and social media integration & easy “share-ability” will be key.

    Discuss privacy issues and possibly making user profiles not public, login required (or users can opt for that)

    Certain features & sections of the forums will be restricted only to paying subscribers. Basic (free) as well as premium (paid) access to the social network will be offered

    Full-suit of BP features will be utilized likely with additional outside coding work needed (ie. feature customizations)

    PBH Site Models:

    Decent BP Examples:

    If you feel you might be a good fit for this job, please contact me directly at and I’ll send you additional details of my project. We can discuss what features will be feasible to implement now vs. later and review costs and timelines. In addition, I am open to using platforms other than BP or a synergy of BP with another platform.

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