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Hosting requirements – launching my site soon..

  • nit3watch


    Hi, so I’m almost ready to launch my 1st wordpress mu>buddypress site.

    My max expected as users:

    users: 200 000
    groups: 2000
    blogs ( group blogs ): 500

    Obviously I’m not expecting all that straight away, but say to be safe for the first few months, I get 25% of my max users/groups..
    What kind of hosting package would I need to look at, with regards to:

    Disk Space
    Web Sites
    Domains ( don’t think I need as all my blogs are sub-folders )

    Here’s the host I’m looking at ( ). The thing is I’m in South Africa and we are still a bit behind when it comes to internet. Like our isp’s have just started giving uncapped whilst a lot ppl here still have a cap ( once capped we can only browse local ) so they wouldn’t be able to see my site if they were capped hence im going with a local host.

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  • Hmm when ISPs do cap overage on bandwidth allowance it tends to be simply throttling back on certain ports; to restrict where you can surf to sounds a bit odd.

    If you really expect those sorts of figures even at 25% that’s a lot of users, I would almost certainly say that you must have a dedicated or virtual dedicated server that you are able to tune to your specific needs I would want I guess at least 2GB ram as much hard disk space as possible and data transfer(incorrectly referred to as bandwidth generally) preferably un metered, also the higher the bandwidth the better i.e your pipe throughput, I would be optimizing server performance as much as possible, and ensuring site caching mechanisms are in place.

    Other things to take into careful consideration are a host that provides good tech support, don’t overlook this aspect, check ticket response times and 24/7 availability, if you can run to the cost and are not specifically a server techie yourself think about a managed VPS?. Another aspect you haven’t mentioned is site backup with your sort of projected activity you might be generating largish amounts of data, have a backup system in place that can cope, you may need to discuss this with the host to establish what provision is made for, off site?, storage capacity etc.



    “to restrict where you can surf to sounds a bit odd” welcome to SA :P

    No throtteling, just local. Uncapped been around for a while though its a monopoly and pricing is the main issue hence ppl still using capped services. If you feel like a read, check out about half way down the page.

    Oh I see doesn’t sound good, didn’t think those cables ‘broke’ all armored sheathing and buried under the seabed?? it’s bizarre in this day and age that major countries and cities such as SA should not have the same connectivity the rest of the world seems used to.



    And we apparently just hosted the soccer world cup :P

    k ill stop spamming now



    @nit3watch – I’m also from SA but I host all my WP/BP sites abroad.



    I’ve started a group for BP Hosting: It still needs some love, but has a little information about various BP hosts.



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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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