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How can I remove rel=”nofollow” text from the images?

  • Ali Erkurt


    Hello. I’m using BP and WP 3.0.
    I’ve replaced bp_activity_make_nofollow_filter_callback function to add target=”_blank” to the links on the activity wire. And I defined a new function for myself to replace the image url’s to replace as text with the images. I couldn’t remove it even by deleting from the bp-activity-filters.php to give it a try. Here’s a screenshot:

    As you can see on the pic, rel=nofollow things is between the images. I think that must be related to return a $text rel=”nofollow”>”; (in the bp_activity_make_nofollow_filter_callback function)

    I tried to remove link tags from
    Previous version was that before ? remove link tags (a href):

    a href=”$0″ > img src=example..>

    And I removed <a href thing to clear nofollow text. And text on the SS doesn't seem in the <a href tag. Because I removed it from <img src tag. So there's a problem and I don't know how to fix. Thanks.

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