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[Resolved] how can Modify Registration Form ?

  • websitevala


    Hello all, i am very glad to use BuddyPress in my site thanks BuddyPress
    Here i came b’coz i have some query in my site
    i am using WP 3.3.2 and BP 1.5.5
    i want to Modify Registration Page how can i do it ?
    i know Registration form is auto generate but i want to modify this form
    i want more text field e.g. mobile number field in Registration form
    how can i add this field ?

    and another thing can we set user’s email address is user’s username ?
    i mean where i register in site with any name i insert and it’s approve it when click on conform it through mail i don’t want like that b’coz some user are making fake username that wise i want to this functionality ?
    if it is possible ? to set user’s email address is his/her username ?


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  • imath


    Hi websitevala,

    To add custom fields to your registration page, you’ll need to add xprofile fields. To do so in WP Backend, you should go / BuddyPress menu / Profile fields submenu

    And for the other thing, as you noticed emails are hidden, there might be a spam risk reason to that. And as a user, i wouldn’t like to have my email shown on my profile.. So i dont think it’s a good idea.



    hi thanks for fast reply
    i don’t understand you said
    did you understand my question ?
    i want extra text field in registration page ( create account page ) e.g. mobile number text field
    let me clear again what i want
    when i register on site there are four option display
    Account Details :
    1.Username address
    3. choose password
    4. confirm password
    Profile details :
    1. Name
    there are text field already available ok
    i want more text field in Account Detail or Profile Details

    how can i add custom text field in Registration form ?

    and second is i want username is his/her email address
    when user login enter his/her username is email address
    how can i do this ?
    Thanks Again



    Ok, to set new fields for your members you should read the paragraph ‘Optional: Set Profile Fields’ of this tutorial

    if you mean login in with email, then you can try this interesting plugin

    then you can add a function in the functions.php file of your active theme to change the label of the sidebar login form :

    add_action('bp_after_sidebar_login_form', 'bp_login_by_email_adapt_login_form');
    function bp_login_by_email_adapt_login_form() {
    usernameoremail = $("#sidebar-user-login").parent().html().replace(/Username/ig, 'Username or email' );

    or if you’re using a child theme of BP-default theme, you can add/edit the template sidebar.php and replace the label for=sidebar-user-login by Username or email.

    Roger Coathup


    Using the email address as username is likely to run in to problems with the profile URL. BP uses the username the form that URL.



    Thanks for fast reply
    It’s works !!
    Thanks a lot imath and roger



    I think the page you are looking for is :


    line 22.

    hope this helps.

    I agree, modifying a core file is bad, a template file is a little better 🙂

    Just gotta remember to keep those back ups!




    Thanks for your input on this. Your insight has helped me tremendously.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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