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How did you do the plugin pages/groups…?

  • Hi guys… probably an off-topic post, but i’m not sure where to put is else.
    I am really enthusiastic about the way you manage your plugins on this site.
    For example:
    This (obviously a buddypress group) had multiple tabs like Description, Screenshots, Installation, FAQ, Changelog and Stats. There is also the plugin info on the right. I’m guessing the manager of this group/plugin is restricted to some specific input per tab and each groupmanager can only manage his/her own group.

    How did you do this?
    For a completely different open source project (in java) we also allow plugins and want to use buddypress to host a list of plugins (and maybe also host the plugins themselves) on a central website. A bit like you guys do with your own plugins.

    But how did you do that? Have you created a buddypress plugin to host your own plugins as groups? And is that plugin available maybe?
    Any advice on how I can create this kind of functionality on my own buddypress site?

    Thank you in advance for the help/feedback.
    And again sorry for posting this on a place where it might nog really belong….


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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