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  • Brajesh Singh


    I am not aware of any free theme currently but it is going to change in 2020.

    We are looking forward to change this completely from 15th January onward. We will provide you with multiple free themes(1st releasing on 15th January). I am looking forward to help make BuddyPress experience pleasant and smooth.




    Definitely looking forward to that.



    You can use BuddyPress with any theme.




    I think it would be an amazing achievement!
    *Ironically – even – though BP “works” with any theme. 🙂

    Seriously, its a bit of a holy grail to find an official WP theme from that works beautifully with CP.

    Most of the themes out there have a “blog first” approach — which isnt bad — BUT I would love to see a free theme that does the basics of BP extremely well.

    For now.. I typically tend to use Twenty Seventeen Theme.. or try to use @buddyboss if i have cash to spare..

    im deeply bummed that twenty twenty theme doesnt look great using BP




    although BP works with any theme.. i often find myself add too much BP specific CSS tweaks in the customizer

    Im trying to keep things as simple as possible and even with twenty seventeen theme – there are some css tweaks that need to happen.

    it makes sense — simply because WP is “blog first” so most content is goofy on how it renders and presents BP pages.

    As far as I can tell buddyboss is the only game in town that does a great job of having clean design and straighforward code.

    my BP-Theme-wish list

    1) BP first *which focuses on great Activity page presentation, Members Directory Presentation & Great Member profiles.

    2) Mobile First approach would be super awesome. Most people view profiles and not necessarily doing actual “activity” post. So if someone can figure out a great way to render fast and beautiful activity/members-directory/member-profiles that is very readable on mobile it would be super awesoome.

    3) Great use of Menus/Accordions — The way BP works right now on members pages is TERRIBLE on mobile. You have scroll past the cover photo -> then pass the Avatar –> then pass 4 menu items to see any content of the users in the Members Profiles page.

    4) Great use of Member Profile Fields — I think by default as a “2 column table layout” to render the profile fields is not great.

    **I totally understand that the newest release of BP has interesting pre-built options but even with the default twenty-twenty theme it doesnt look great.

    Some thoughts..

    — The username in the profile page when too long looks weird and awkward — using CSS to ‘breakword’ is OK.
    — The Profile Field Name should be studied on how to render that well..
    — The Profile Field entries like (text fields, radial buttos, list, etc..) should have a better readable standard implementation like.. *This one is hard because you dont know the exact uses of each unique BP installs..
    — The Menus should be “slidable” on mobile so that the user doesnt have to scroll all the way down to start reading whats on that persons profile.

    *** It would be great if someone (some BP expert) post an Ultimate BP/CSS guide that shows how to target each of the BP specific elements… without doing theme surgery.. like a cut&paste into the CSS customizer –BONUS if it can include media queries 🙂

    anyway.. rant over..

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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