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How do I make blogs look same as my site.

  • kingofkings360


    First of all, I have looked many answers but haven’t found one. In buddypress even If a make a member an author there is no post/blog tab in the profile.

    Therefore I thought to give MU a run. But in WPMU, the system I think is creating a whole new site for the member not a blog. I want the member’s blog to look like its my main site. So when someone clicks on the profile, the blog tab. The blog must be shown just below the profile header like the other activity, friends, … etc, tabs work.

    Moreover each member must have a single blog, which should be auto created on registration.

    Any help??

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  • DennisBarker


    There is a Group Blog plugin which would do what you are looking for.I’ve tested it a few months ago.It creates a blog in the group ceate/admin process then you would need to select a theme which would match with your main blog. Not sure if it works with bp 1.5 yet though,i tested it on bp 1.2.9



    I am looking to do the same thing but no luck in figuring out how.

    Each member having their own blog with it’s own theme seems to fragment the community I’m trying to build.

    Basically I would like for members to become “contributors” to the main blog. They are the author of that blog post and get credit for it and their profile will show a list of all posts they’ve made. would also like to be able to use some sort of front end posting.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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