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How do I set it to Registration, before viewing content?

  • simon_a6


    Our website is not soleyl for Buddy Press. A part of it is, in a community area.
    How do I set it so all the BP pages (activity etc) are locked down, until a person signs up?

    And are there any moderation we can set, to ‘confirm’ a signup, ensuring no dodgy emails.


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  • Venutius


    Hi there, Those are not features that come with the base plugin, but you can enable them with plugins, BP Registration Options holds users pending and sends an email to the main admin, you could use this with either a group email address or a wp_mail filter to forward it to the other admins.

    There’s a range of different private membership plugins, Simple Private springs to mind, which allow you to take differing levels of privacy to your site.



    Ok thank you. I’m using a similar plugin to that, which blocks access to the store until someone is a user type, so will go down that route.

    Just assumed it would come with something like that, as default.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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