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How do I share my status updates (activity updates) with Friends Only?

  • 3sixty


    We are living in a facebook world… and one of the first questions I get on my bp install is, “How do I post a status update to friends only?”

    I did some due diligence searching and came up with no discussions on how to limit the scope of who gets to read your status updates.

    The quick hack is to call bp_is_friend() before displaying status updates in the activity stream. This is unfortunately the “Nuclear Option” which has negative effects: (1) it causes “activity stream atrophy” (if your 20-item stream has 8 non-friend updates, you’ll only see 12 items total) and (2) there is no longer an option to post a sitewide activity update.

    This seems like an important feature that would be very popular, given the fact that facebook has conditioned people to expect it… so I was surprised to see so little discussion of this (none really).

    Any ideas on how a function/plugin might be structured to allow users the choice of posting activity updates sitewide or to Friends Only? Anybody have a working solution??

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  • 3sixty


    no thoughts on this?

    I had an idea that this could be accomplished by creating a “update friends only” function that creates a value like to_friends in the activity_meta database table, but then the problem becomes, how do you pull activity from the database without throwing off the count. The quick fix is to simply remove “to_friends” activity updates from the activity array, but that brings you back to the problem of activity stream atrophy.

    Jeff Sayre


    All activity action types are stored in an array. Look at the function bp_activity_set_action in bp-activity.php. Components register their activity actions via this function. They then get added to the array $bp->activity->actions.

    Now, as far as filtering out the various activity actions, you can either write some custom code, or wait for my BuddyPress Privacy Component as that is one of the services it provides users.

    A final note, if a third-party component fails to register any of its activity action types, then they are not added to that array and it becomes much more difficult to filter them.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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