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How do I show profile info of users instead of the home tab in buddypress

  • mfonabel


    Please I would appreciate any help. I have tried to fix this no way. I have search, it seems no one is having this problem.

    When you click on a username, it takes you to the profile but on the profile, there are buttons under, Home and view. It automatically goes to home and it is blank. You have to click on view before you see member bio.

    I want it to go directly to showing member info.

    Here is a screenhsot of how it looks:

    As you can see, the profile tab is active but there is a home under it aside from the home tab on the main menu.

    I have changed to Buddy press theme Legacy and Nouveau, still same.

    I have used the appearance > customize >Nouveau still the same.

    How do I get ride of that home there and let it just display the profile of the person instead of blank?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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