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How do I uninstall Site Wide Forums?

  • I’ve been having quite a few problems with the upgrade to 1.5. I’ve tried to create forums for groups, but they don’t show up on the site. Even when I choose ‘View Page’ I get a Page Not Found error. Then when I chose to install Site Wide Forums, most of my site’s pages disappeared from the menu.

    In an effort to see if SWF is the source of my woes, is there a way to uninstall it? It doesn’t appear to be an option, as the link button always says, ‘Install Site Wide Forums.’ If I click on it, it says, ‘Latest Version Installed.’ To its left, I can choose ‘Use Existing Installation’ or ‘Install Group Forums,’ but I’m assuming that SWF will remain installed if I choose this option.

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  • Correct. Site Wide Forums is provided by bbPress 2.0. So, go to Plugins, and deactivate bbPress 2.0.

    Thanks, Paul. I’ve deactivated bbPress but am still not able to create New Topics in Group Forums. I go into ‘Groups’ then choose ‘Forums’ and it says, ‘Sorry, there were no forum topics found.’

    Then I choose ‘New Topic,’ enter the information, click ‘Post Topic,’ and get a red error bar stating, ‘This group does not have a forum setup yet.’

    Resolved – probably should have done this a long time ago – deleted groups, added them back.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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