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How do you add a BuddyPress friendly header menu?

  • allancaeg


    Some themes are designed for BuddyPress. They have app-like header menus like what you’ll find on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, ProductHunt, etc.

    What are the typical features of such header menus?
    – AJAX search
    – live notifications
    – profile dropdown

    That’s a standard formula formula for web apps these days: . In one bar: you have the logo, an AJAX search, a notification dropdown with an unread counter, and user profile dropdown.

    This forum has 2 of them integrated with the menu, while BuddyPress on default WordPress websites adds this to the wp-admin bar on top.

    Some themes display these very well:

    How do I get this effect on any custom theme? Are there plugins for these search, notification, and profile features?

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