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How does BuddyPress connect to my site?

  • roseashm


    I ask this again because I am running WP482 on my site & I have also downloaded Super Socializer because I thought I had to as I had only a startup WP at that time & thought I would need Super Socializer to connect however it has made my job so much harder & longer.
    I now am asking if I really need it, I would rather be spending the time with BuddyPress installation/themes etc as long as the connect is ok without it and can be done with your support.
    My site is and also wondering if the theme can be expanded into BuddyPress? that I have now.
    I am a Beginner but giving it a go, I appreciate any advice you could give me, Kind Regards Roseashm

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  • Peter Hardy-vanDoorn


    Hi. I wonder if you’re getting a little confused as to what Super Socializer and BuddyPress actually do? Although they both allow people to have an account on your site, they’re not really the same thing.

    Super Socializer allows you to cross-post your own blog posts onto Facebook, etc, and to then amalgamate any comments back to the original blog post. But the important thing to note is that it’s only really about your blog posts.

    BuddyPress (with bbPress) allows you to have people create forum posts and send each other messages, completely independently of any blog posts you may make.

    Of course, Super Socializer would also be of benefit to a BuddyPress install as it would allow users to set up and log in to a BuddyPress account using their Facebook login.

    I’ve never used Super Socializer, btw.

    Hope that helps




    Thank you, Peter, very much for taking the time to explain, it helped me immensely, and now I feel much better about what I am doing with both sites, Kind Regards, Roseashm

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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