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How does the forum work?

  • I am new to Buddypress, just got it installed after long useless ‘mind blasting’ editing sessions and it works super. One thing which has been eating my head is the forum. I have installed the forum within Buddypress and have no idea how to get to the forum to be able to create categories/ forum etc. How do I set the permalink to the forum? I want something like, and that should lead to my bbpress install.

    And what are group forums? When I looked up for it in this website, I see a lot of people talking about ‘Group Forums’.
    The only things I need in my website are:
    1) bbPress Forums
    2) Friends
    3) Extended profiles

    Now I have the other two fine, but forums is something which I cant understand at the moment.

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  • techguy


    By default bbpress forums are integrated into the groups. So, a new forum is created for each group. If you want the bbpress install to be separate, do a search for separate bbpress install and you’ll see lots of instructions on how to have a bbpress forum separate from a group.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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