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How to add a nobody option in the profile privacy options

  • current choices are:

    Logged In Users
    My Friends

    we need a nobody option (meaning only site admins and the member themselves can view the field in question) anyone know of a way to do this?

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    +1 for your request. Here’s an example and a qualification of its use: a member’s street address. The member should have control over whether or not their home street address is displayed in their profile. Here’s the qualification… If the “nobody” option is selected, I don’t want it hidden from mapping plugins, such as Mapology/Buddyvents. Member-specified visibility of location should also be offered by mapping plugins, which is not a BP issue.

    @valuser thanks for sending that but i don’t think i know how to install it never baked my own plugin before do i just create a dir and add those files to it inside the plugins dir?

    @qrahaman yup thats exactly what we are trying to do we use groups to make contests. prior to 1.5 there was a plugin which basically did this same thing and nobody was an option worked great (not that that means its important to everyone but certainly a good option to have).

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    Tammie Lister


    A small point but wouldn’t that be ‘Just me’ not nobody?

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    I just downloaded the zip to my computer. Then, on the site, went to Plugins—->Add New—->Upload—>Choose File —> Install now—>activate

    > and there you go. You then have an Admins Only choice for profile field visibility.

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    @karmatosed, that’s much better… :-)

    @valuser, thanks! That works–but I would change “Admin Only” to what Tammie suggested. The “member” would have to assume that they are the “admin” which isn’t clear. I guess a tooltip would help.

    Now, if only it worked for my theme using the Template Pack, too, not just BP Default, that would be awesome!!! One thing at a time…

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    Paul Gibbs


    @valuser thanks i guess i was being a bit slow and didn’t even notice the zip download :/ thanks again!

    @djpaul my slowness again not very good at searching or contributing to those tickets ill try to get better and thanks to you as well!

    and @karmatosed yes i believe thats what the old school plugin said. thanks all around!

    can anyone actually verify this plugin boone put up works? it appears to have the option but when i tested it the policy is not enforced and even logged out users can see the private fields on our site at least.

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    I am not able to get a chosen option to stick using BP Default, and using the Template Pack, I can’t see the privacy options at all. I have not turned off all other plugins though, so there could be a conflict with one of those.

    @qrahaman hum odd we should be getting such different errors :/ thanks for the feedback!

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    Rocio Valdivia


    Hi @ubernaut

    I have installed the plugin and it happens the same: it appears to have the option but when I tested it the policy is not enforced and even logged out users can see the private fields on my site.

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    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)


    @_dorsvenabili looks like they have incorporated this into the next version of buddypress so we either got to wait or make some modifications of our own.

    @djpaul would the files from that track ticket work if they were dropped into a 1.6.x version of buddypress or are they dependent on being part of a 1.7.x branch of buddypress? does that question even make sense? thanks!

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    @ubernaut I know this thread is a few months old, but I thought I’d mention that yes, it is possible to modify your files to include the changes in the patch. Hacking core files is, of course, never recommended, since the changes will likely be paved over on the next update… but I really needed to get this change implemented, and only one of the functions had a hook built in. The way I see it, if I make these exact same changes, hopefully I won’t even notice a difference when the update comes out. Even so, I’ve made a note to review these two files when the update comes around.

    please share your mod

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    Any luck with getting this feature to work? I tried the BBG Custom BP Visibility plugin as suggested in the beginning of this thread but it only works when the user changes it. If you try to make one of the choices like Admins Only as the default for all users then there is no effect.
    There must be a solution out there, anybody??

    from @valuser

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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