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How to Add custom tab with type of message

  • yelgnissm


    Hi Folks
    I’m a late comer to buddypress, but a long time wordpress user. I just handn’t had a reason to deploy and work with buddypress before, but I’m so impressed by it!.

    We are setting up a gravity form for requesting information from members which will be
    “quote requests” as one additional tab, and “inquiries” as another tab.

    We’re deploying this form on several satellite websites, and ensureing the they go to the same
    mailbox so we can review them before sending to the appropriate member.

    We have gravity forms for each of these two types of message, and I’d they can be sent to members inboxes in Buddypress.

    So the end result would be two additional tabs in the users profile.
    one that says “you have (xx) new quote requests”
    and another “you have (xx) new inquiries.

    So the user immediately sees that they have quote requests, and inquiries in addtion to the normal other mail.

    I found the code for adding the tabs, but I’m trying to figure out how to tag or otherwise categorize the message so the buddypress mail system says “this is a quote request”

    I’ve scoured the web looking for an answer. Hard to find.
    We can easily add the word QUOTE or INQUIRY to the subject of the mail message so it filters.

    Any recommendations would be welcome.

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