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How to add profile field (Drop Down Menu) for all users list

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    How to add separate user role’s all users list in drop down menu of custom add profile field of Buddy Press ?

    For example I have three types of roles. Admin,Doctor,Patient. I built Patient registration form. In this form I add the field using Buddy Press plugin’s sub menu as using below steps…

    First I go to Users->Profile Fields->Add New Field->
    Here in Name I add a name of field label “Assigned to”
    Under the Type I select “Drop Down”
    Now I stuck. I want here I need users list of my all users whose role is Doctor. In another words I want here my sites all registered Doctors list.

    Is anyone have an idea to do this ?

    Regards and Thanks in Advance

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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