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How to add style css in bp-custom.php

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  • Hugo Ashmore


    Why are you adding or trying to add styles via bp-custom.php?

    Explain the actual issue rather than ask for a solution to a specific approach.

    If you check the WP codex ‘enqueueing styles’ you’ll see that the function allows you to state a file that this one must look for and load after stated by declaring the files ‘handle’

    Styles are best enqueued from functions.php in a theme, with BP you have the option of overloading the BP styles to your theme where you can edit them directly, so you have options and shouldn’t be running into issues with style cascade and specificity.

    Re the P.S what exactly are you wanting to change? Some pages in the codex are in need of updating and is an ongoing process.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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