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how to add widget title v shape pointer

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  • aces


    looking at the css with ie9 developer tools, it appears to be a background image: “userbar_header.gif” in #userbar h3

    hi ace, i dont think its a background image, am talking about the V shape pointer at the border, i think this can be call at the style.css just like the border-radius but i dont seems to get it.

    No it is a background image. Use tools as mentioned (Firebug or Dragonfly for Firefox and Opera respectively if not using IE) to examine the CSS rulesets to understand how it’s achieved

    To give you an example, you can play around with our BuddyPress Profile Widget

    The ‘grey block’ is just a color and the ‘v’ is a background image.

    shameless promotion ;)

    @naijaping you might also grab an old copy of bp-default pre 1.2 where all these arrows stem from you could use that as an example to follow

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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