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How to add wysiwyg editor to bbpress installed with buddypress?

  • andrepan


    I searched around but found nothing useful, I want to use comment-quicktag or bbcode plugin for bbpress which installed with buddypress 1.1.2, the plugin was put into bbpress’ my-plugins/ folder, but nothing happens, and I can’t find a place to activate bbpress plugin, is there anything I missed?

    I’ve tried BPDEV’s TinyMCE plugin, it displays the editor indeed, but the forum post content is exposed to HTML source code after submitting, and the BPDEV team seems inactive in moving on developing, do we have any other solution desides these?



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  • Tore


    I’ve been searching for this also. Did you find anything?

    With luck i should be releasing a plugin to do this in January/February 2010.



    Wow, quick and positive answer! :) Nice to see you’re working on it.



    Bpdev (nicola) is a bit behind with development, as far as I know. But he’s been active again lately so it might work again with the buddypress 1.2 release.

    I’m planning on getting this to work with my bbpress forum and inline blog editor. Don’t really need to load that huge wysiwyg editor from wordpress admin.

    I have tinymce with fairly minimal options enabled on a current site but it’s very very hacky code. I’m planning on turning it into a plugin (along with some filters to sort out the raw html problem) but if something else becomes available before I get round to doing it, the lazy part of me is more than happy :p



    Lazy is nice. I’m looking forward to see if they lazy part gets satisfied. ;)



    Xevo, tried to use jwysiwyg on another project a couple months back, but the last version then was from January 09 and didn’t play nice with the newest jQuery version. A quick look just now showed that it hasn’t changed. Haven’t had a look at the trunk though…



    I’ve also been working on integrating a WYSIWYG editor for BP as well (but with image upload functionality).

    Have tried nicEdit and DSRTE, but I’ve run into various issues with both, which is why I haven’t released it.

    Boone Gorges


    I put something together along these lines today. I used the version of TinyMCE that ships with WP. Have a look, and please feel free to build on it or tell me what I’m doing wrong :-D :

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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