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How To: BuddyPress Group Sidebars

  • gswaim



    Building up a new site with BuddyPress (BP)

    WordPress: 3.4.1
    BuddyPress: 1.6-RC1
    Theme: SuperMassive by GhostPool

    Things are falling into place. My last biggie on my “ToDo” list is for group level sidebars.

    Currently Have No Sidebars
    My installation doesn’t have any sidebars on any BP pages. I am using the SuperMassive theme by GhostPool which is sold as “BuddyPress Ready”. When I use the BP default theme, I get a single sidebar on all BP pages. So I assume this is a theme issue which could be resolved by moving in some of the BP template files, but there is more… See next section

    Group Level Sidebar
    What I really want is to have a unique sidebar for each group. I saw the BuddyPress Sidebar plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work with BP 1.6. So, any suggestions on how to make this happen short of a major coding project?

    Link to site:

    Thanks in advance for any help on this!

    UPDATE: I found BuddyPress Extend Widget which should take care of the different widget for each group thing. Just need to figure out how to get a sidebar on the BuddyPress pages. I am going to contact the theme author, unless somebody has any other ideas.

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  • @mercime


    @gswaim as I see it, the theme dev intentionally made the BP pages full-width.

    Initial scan shows that you’d have to revise around 16 BP template files within 6 BP folders included in your supermassive theme (I assume they are bec. dev said it was BP-ready) to change the HTML markup and add style classes as well as sidebar to the BP pages. Not sure whether you’d have to pay the theme dev to provide the revised pages or if he/she would provide revised template files for free.




    I sent in a ticket to the theme author. I don’t think expecting a BuddyPress theme to support sidebars is an unreasonable expectation.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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