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How to configure Bbpress for group forum and site wide forum?

  • Hello all buddies from BuddyPress,

    Thanks for great buddypress,

    I have enabled my buddypress group forum, and the bbpress can be accessed from

    But how if i want to have two forum type? The bbpress for group forum and site wide forum?

    Should i install 2 instance of bbpress? And how to add the second for site wide forums after i configure the buddypress for group forum?

    The example buddypress site that has group forum and site wide forum:

    Thank you for any feedback

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  • fishbowl81


    Well, as the developer for I figured I should answer this question.

    I have 2 instances running of bbpress, 1 is .com/beta/forum/ and the other is in a different location. Currently it is not safe to combine them, as private groups would be visible to all members, which is still an issue but would be harder to find these hidden forums.

    The menu bar, which lists the general forum is actually as simple as uncommenting the code in the header.php file in home theme.

    I’m still not sure if I should theme bbpress to match the site, or modify a copy of the groups forum tools to allow general discussion. This wouldn’t be a quick development, but would be easier down the road as the theme develops.



    Thanks Brad,

    I is still not clear in my mind the difference for buddypress in group forum and site wide forum configuration

    Should i still do these steps?

    1) you have bbpress installed and a new user created on the “bbPress” side which you granted “administrator” rights by the keymaster

    2) you copy the “buddypress-enable.php” plugin out of the bp-forums folders and copy it into your /my-plugins/ folder (create if it doesn’t exist) so it is /my-plugins/buddypress-enable.php

    3) Enable the plugin through your bbPress administration side for plugins

    4) Edit “settings” to enable xmlrpc and pingbacks (both)

    5) edit your bb-config.php and just before the closing php call at the bottom of the page put:

    $bb->bb_xmlrpc_allow_user_switching = true;

    Do you still do these steps? Or skip these steps and just installed the bbpress and do common wordpress integration like cookie and user integration?

    Thank you



    Those “steps” are for using the buddypress code, ie xml-rpc communication inside of groups. If you theme the general bbpress install to match your buddypress site then you won’t need to enable xmlrpc on the general site, just do the intergration.

    I think someone will develop a modification of the groups, to be a general group pretty soon. If this is the case, then you would need to do those steps for both bbpress installs.

    Hope that makes sense,



    i don’t find the bb-config.php file :s

    bb-config.php is the config file for BBPress. If you haven’t installed BBPress, you won’t have a bb-config.php.



    You could probably get away with a single install of bbPress, but you would need a plugin or some theme work.

    After installing and integrating bbPress with WordPress MU, I installed BuddyPress and got the group forums working. I created a group and saw that the forum created for that group was a child of the forum that had been created during the install of bbPress. I changed that forum to be a category, so that no topics could be posted in it.

    It is entirely possible that you could filter out content that belongs to that category for the main forums. So when using BuddyPress groups, you can see group forums, but when viewing the bbPress forums, the BuddyPress forums are filtered out.

    I am also using the hidden and read-only plugins with the BuddyPress Groups for bbPress plugin, and that is working well. However, you could suppress the content rather than marking it up.



    Could someone direct me to a complete guide about how to set up the forum at the buddypress end or post a guide in here (wasn’t able to find anything)?

    I have set up bbpress, but when I click on post new in the group interface I just get a white page?

    Matt Kern


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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